Larry Taugher

Part-time Instructor


I have worked as a freelance Illustrator for various Ad agencies, designers and corporations in Orange Co., L.A. and the U.S. over the last 25 years. I have exhibited my own work locally in shows such as the "Festival of the Arts" in Laguna Beach and through various galleries. Several pieces of my work have been published and licensed in forms ranging from fine art prints, posters, greetingcards, stamps, puzzles,phone cards, and clothing apparel. I work in a Photo-realistic Airbrush Style. For the last ten years most of my work has been created digitally. Subject matter capabilities include a broad range of areas such as Technical,Medical, Produce, Product, Educational,Entertainment, and Wildlife.I primarily work in Adobe Photoshop, I also use Adobe Illustrator, Stratavision 3D, Raydream Designer, Specular Texturescape and some QuarkXpress and Painter. I work on a Macintosh Platform though I am familiar PC's. I have worked for various clients including Arco, AT&T, Bubba Gump Restaurants, B.J. Chicago Pizza,Chiat Day, Hilton Hotels, Halliburton, Hansens Beverages, Hart Court Brace Publishing, IFX Produtions, IBM, Interplay Games, Jimmy Buffet Inc., Kroger Foods, LeapFrog Learning Systems, Lowes Foods,Litton Electronics, Macdonald's, Mitsubishi, Mattel Toys, Oxford University Press, Sony, Suzuki,Toyota, The United Nations, Union 76, Warner Brothers.