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Game Art

My name is Kevin Duong and in 2008, I started attending LCAD as a Game Art Major with an emphasis in 3D modeling for games. I found that during my time here, I learned the necessary skills required to succeed in the game industry, and was able to network with a number of influential teachers and industry professionals.
Since graduating in May of 2012, I have been working as an Associate 3D Artist at High Moon Studios located in Carlsbad. My job title entails the creation of 3D environmental / interactive props which populate various levels throughout the respected game. As the new consoles arrive, my responsibilities have broadened to optimizing models and textures to ensure that the game will be capable of running efficiently on both current- generation and next -generation consoles. I must always take technical limitations into account , while consistently upholding the artistic standards of the Intellectual Property.
My first shipped title was Deadpool (June 25th 2013) I am currently working on an unannounced Activision title for HMS.

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