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Katrina Carras


Cinematic Artist Telltale Games


It's true what they tell you in school, that you never stop learning. While every new opportunity I've had has felt like another great milestone to have hit, I've never had the experience of saying, "Okay great, now I know everything." I'm thankful for that. I believe in confidence, not complacency. Continuing to grow and improve as an artist will keep you going.
I was ecstatic to be hired as a Cinematic Artist at Telltale Games. While it can be intimidating working alongside far more experienced artists, they are great inspiration. One of my favorite things about this industry is how humble everyone is. Anyone who is any good at what they do has adopted this "never stop growing" mentality. They've had to, to get where they are.
LCAD provided me the tools I needed to be versatile and adaptable, which has helped me in job prospects everywhere from being a Storyboard Revisionist on a Disney Television show, an Animation Director for an environmental short, a Graphic Designer for an online web gallery, to my now current position as a Cinematic Artist.
I am so fortunate to have had a fantastic four years at LCAD, to have met the teachers and fellow students, and to have formed lifelong friendships in the wonderfully unique culture of this school. I now get to look forward to the road ahead.

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