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Javier Lazo




I was born and raised in Miami pursuing art in Magnet programs from elementary until high school. I relocated to California for college and attended LCAD landing in the Game Art program as one of the first students to sign up. I graduated specializing in concept art with a heavy emphasis onenvironments. I worked as a freelancer briefly and then got hired at Electronic Arts working for Maxis as a concept artist. Some of my responsibilities at axis were generating environment paintings, designing props, exploring both architecture and furniture styles, and making art documents for the Sims division. I currently work at Visceral Games where I continue to apply my craft as a concept artist. The project I'm on allows me to do more environment paintings and gives me the opportunity to learn from veteran artists from the film industry. I couldn't be happier working in games as a concept artist. The work is fun, engaging, and it pushes your limits as an artist. Outside of the office, I often continue to invest my time doing personal art. But on certain days when the tide and wind conditions are ideal, I'll spend my time fishing with a friend or two.

Undergraduate Alumni: 
Game Art