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Jasmin Pannier


Adjunct Faculty

Liberal Arts

Jasmin, who often goes by Jas, is a writer and an art historian. Working across a range of media,her research examines visual culture in South Asia in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary way. As both an undergraduate and later graduate at University of California Irvine, Jasmin double majored in Art History and Anthropology. 

Academically, she is interested in the representation of ethnic 'types' in photography, the figure of the beggar, and costume studies in commercial literature, art, and film. She hopes to produce scholarship that examines cultural history broadly, invoking a wide range of media and highlighting nineteenth-century artistic networks.

She often refers to her academic journey as a conc[art]enation; A simple play on words to describe her journey through grad school as she completed a Masters in Art History focusing on visual culture in Afghanistan. Today, she is both an independent scholar and working as a Gallery Director in Irvine, CA. 

Creatively, she is interested in discussing colonial diasporic identities, orientalist questions, and cultural cross-dressing through personal diaries, nonfiction narratives, and photographic albums.