LCAD Main Campus

James Finley


Associate Professor

Game Art

James comes from an unlikely background; born unto a family of medical professionals deep in the heart of the Inland Empire of California, he doesn't strike a picture that the industry is too familiar with. Developing an early passion for video games and their immersive capacity for story-telling, his every move has been towards becoming a games development professional. Today, James is a senior software engineer and CEO for Broken Circle Studios, a third party development that specializes in entertainment and mobile technologies. With his Master's Degree in Software Engineering from Cal State Fullerton, as well as over a decade of experience teaching at a variety of art and technology schools throughout Southern California, James takes pride in combining the structure and rigors of computer science and the creative spontaneity of the video game industry. From small start-ups to massive enterprises, from serious to silly, and from public to secretive, James finds that with every client comes a new opportunity to learn and express his talents.