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Gloria Rivera-Mendieta


Transfer and International Student Specialist

Office of Admissions
Undergraduate Alumni: 
Illustration w/ Drawing + Painting Emphasis
Counselor Bio: 

LCAD Alumna, Illustration w/ Drawing & Painting Emphasis, 2013


Gloria Rivera is a painter and comics creator located in Santa Ana, CA. She graduated from Laguna College of Art + Design in 2013 with a degree in Illustration with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting. She has published work with independent publishers such as Czapbooks and Kus Komiks and has been a contributor to the Comics Workbook journal. Wellness, psychology, and identity are themes present in both her painting and comics practice.


In addition to her passion of advising young artists though her position at LCAD, Gloria also co-runs Crear Studio, a volunteer space for the Santa Ana arts community that hosts free art workshops and provides open studio space and feedback for visitors and for Santa Ana residents.