LCAD Main Campus

Glen Miller


Assistant Professor


Glen David Miller, BFA, MFA, began his career in the early 90's. He has worked over the years creating and supervising award-winning CGI for Steven Spielberg's Amblin Imagining (seaQuest, Star Trek Voyager), Digital Domain (James Cameron's Titanic), Marvel/Seban (Silver Surfer and Captain America), DNA/Nickelodeon (Jimmy Neutron), was a founder of Station X Studios (Dogma, Hunley), and continues to create for the industry as a director, cinematographer, and visual effects supervisor. As part of the full-time LCAD animation faculty, Glen instructs students in methodologies and pipelines associated with state-of-the-art 3D principles utilizing multiple toolsets.
His other interests include story development, painting, sculpture, mold-making, 3D printing, and animatronic/robotic construction.