LCAD Main Campus

Gilbert Marquez


Adjunct Faculty

Drawing + Painting

Like many, Gil Marquez found his love for art at an early age and progressed throughout high school to push his creativity. Life would happen and steer him away from his creative passions. After 11 years out of academia Gil could no longer stay his hunger for creating and found himself back in school ready to find his passion not only for learning but for teaching others as well’

Gil Marquez has been helping students fulfil their Digital Art aspirations since 2006. Working at every level of scholastic achievement, from community college to the university level. While working with Ryan Kingslien Gil has also been able to help professionals polish their craft to further their careers.

While sharing his knowledge in the realm of academia, Gil has also been able to work on some noteworthy projects for numerous companies. While at Entertainment Design Company Gil was able to work as 3D sculptor and create art for the How to Train Your Dragon Ride as well the Sherk ride that are featured in Dubai’s Motion Gate theme park. As a 3D sculptor at EDC Gil was also able to create work for Great Wolf Lodge and numerous other attractions.

In 2008 Gil worked on a couple of Education Series for Coastline Community as a Title Sequence Artist and Animator, “Anatomy & Physiology “, and “Understanding Chemistry in Our World’. Both were nominated at various times for Best Education Series and in 2009 his team was garnered an Emmy award.

Gil continues to further his own skills so he can continue to give excellent service whether it is to students hoping to fulfil their own goals or to clients that expect the best.