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Gavin Rich


Adjunct Faculty

Game Art

Gavin was born and raised in an artsy little Victorian village hidden away in the redwoods of northern California. After taking some sculpture and drawing classes there was a strong pull to interactivity in art. With sculpture it forces the viewer to pace around the piece and view it from all angles but that wasn't enough. This is when the idea to make games really solidified, absorbing a viewer into a whole world you have created is the ultimate interactive sculpture.
Gavin went to art school in San Diego to learn the basics of the craft and sought out any extra input, workshops and lectures he could get his hands on. Since then Gavin has interned at an offshoot of Rockstar, Done contract work on Rockband, and worked on many shipped, but even more unshipped titles at InXile Entertainment. During all of this, helping train those around him and sharing what he has learned, has been a constant theme.

Graduate Alumni: 
Game Design