Erik Watschke

Adjunct Faculty

Liberal Arts
MA and PhD in Visual Studies

I am a film and media historian from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After attending the University of Minnesota and receiving an undergraduate degree in Cinema and Media Culture, I moved to Southern California in order to pursue primary research and archival work on the Hollywood film industry. I attended graduate school at the University of California, Irvine, in the Ph.D. Program in Visual Studies: an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Departments of Film & Media Studies and Art History. With that crucial experience, I have been able to study and teach media history and theory at UCI, Irvine Valley College, and LCAD, in such diverse subjects as film, television, new media, game art, journalism, comparative literature, and art history. Coming from Minnesota, I've had to adapt to a major change in climate, and sometimes miss the snowy winters and playing hockey on frozen ponds, but I now also cherish the chance to visit the beach and bike year round. I also enjoy the vibrant film and entertainment culture in LA and Orange County, and have been privileged through my research to have interacted and developed great relations with professionals across the trades. In this, some of my favorite work has been in programming and hosting film series and screenings, and being able to introduce students to exciting new art forms and the artists themselves.