LCAD Main Campus

Denise Cucurny


Adjunct Faculty

Liberal Arts

I am an anthropologist whose background includes biological, cultural and medical anthropology. My diverse background in anthropology and lifestyle provides me with the knowledge and experience needed to teach a variety of subjects in the Liberal Arts Department at LCAD including Human Diversity, Human Evolution, Multi-cultural Healing and Human Sexuality. As a Professor of Anthropology I have lived and taught all over the world including Ecuador, Costa Rica and Spain. My field work has taken me to the Amazon, Andes, Eastern Europe and the Himalayas. I am President and Co-Founder of Women for World Health ( a volunteer organization dedicated to providing free plastic/reconstructive surgery in developing nations. I serve as trip coordinator, translator and international liaison for our international medical missions. I have two children, Jordi age 29 and Tess age 27. I have a home in Ibiza, Spain where my daughter was born. I spend two months a year there soaking up the Mediterranean spirit and cooking in my kitchen. I have a quadrupedal boyfriend named Sammy who is my exercise partner and travel companion. Sammy and I walk, bike and kayak regularly and he goes to Spain with me. I also have a bipedal boyfriend named Bill. Bill and I have been together for six years and he is honestly the nicest man I have ever met. I am in awe of the talent my students have. I am grateful for my 23 years at LCAD, my entertaining, challenging and creative students, my colleagues and the administration.