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David Jaloza


Adjunct Faculty

MFA Game Design

David Jaloza has been in the game industry for eight years, focusing heavily in game design as well as production. Jaloza began his career at inXile Entertainment, where his efforts were focused equally on production and game design. During his five-year tenure at inXile, Jaloza worked in concert with publisher Crave Entertainment to launch the following titles: PurrPals (DS/Wii), BabyPals (DS), MonsterPals (DS/Wii), Defendin' De Penguin (DS/Wii), and other publishers which he produced Line Rider (DS/Wii/PC), as well as Super Stacker for the Playstation Network. With the initial release of the iPad, Jaloza began producing mobile titles for the first time. Following the iPad launch of Line Rider, his focus shifted to producing mobile/casual games including Fantastic Contraption 2 (iOS/Web), Impossible Quiz (iOS/Web), and Platform Racer 2 (Web). In 2011, Jaloza left inXile entertainment to join JumpStart as a producer working on their expanding web and mobile titles. At JumpStart, he has produced mini-games within the free-to-play (F2P) virtual world of JumpStart and headed up the design, production, launch, and maintenance of a new IP with Eat My Dust (EMD), a F2P virtual world centered around automobile racing. In 2012, JumpStart partnered with DreamWorks Animation Studio to develop titles centered around the DreamWorks brands of Madagascar and How to Train your Dragon (HTTYD). Jaloza was Lead Producer for JumpStart's most recent virtual world, which focuses on science-based education within the HTTYD universe of School of Dragons (SoD).