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Dan Platt


Adjunct Faculty


Dan is originally from the Philadelphia area and moved out to California to go to school for 3d Animation.¬Û Upon graduating, he entered the games industry in 2003 as a technical artist at Shiny entertainment. From that point on he has lived his life-long dream working in the entertainment industry as an artist.¬Û Over the last 15 years, he has had many different positions including environment artist, hard surface modeler, and character artist for companies including Double Helix games and Obsidian entertainment.¬Û He has always committed himself to constantly learn new things and as a generalist of all things 3d, it has allowed him to really pursue the shifting goals that he has set for himself in his professional career. From the time he got into the games industry, he has always just enjoyed the ride and it has taken him to so many enriching and interesting places. Now as a teacher, he gets to share all the knowledge of the industry that has given so much to him and allow it to guide a new crop of students towards their dreams.¬Û