Curtiss Murphy

Adjunct Faculty

MFA in Game Design

To what extent is game design an art or a science? It’s a devilishly challenging question that Curtiss has spent much of my career unraveling. His research has led to popular publications including, ‘Why Games Work – the Science of Learning’, ‘Designing Better Games – Flow, Motivation, and Fun’, and ‘What Makes Great Games Great?’ Curtiss presents with a blend of energy, science, and story-telling that has earned him invitations to conferences across the country. He has decades of development experience, leads a team of 18 (engineers and QA), and has been a thought leader in the serious games space. As a fifteen-year veteran of the gaming industry, his career spans AAA, training games, and Indy development. Curtiss has numerous publications on game development, including chapters in Game Programming Gems 6 & 7, and Game Engine Gems 2. He is an award-winning speaker, author, and game designer. He is also the moderator of Unity's Game Design forum (as Gigiwoo), a professor of Game Design at Laguna College, and a Technical Director at MobilityWare where he works on games with 200M downloads. Now that’s enough about Curtiss. Let’s get back to game design!