Christopher Murphy



Christopher Murphy, was born in 1977 and grew up in Irvine, earned his bachelor of fine arts degree from Art Center College of Design in 2002. His work consists of photos from his own travels in addition to found ones (from family albums and antique stores) as the basis for his work, Murphy aimed to create new realities by dramatically re-staging the action, recontextualizing figures, or inventing scenarios.

Through his drawings, Murphy searches for the aesthetic beauty in the power of a violent conflagration, or depicting the placidity in the aftermath of a flood, or using composition to portray an explosive moment as both furious and tranquil. The satiny grays of the graphite nod to the often black and white photographic origins of the pieces.

By rendering figures as diminutive in an expansive landscape, from behind, or completely absent, Murphy aims to either invite the viewer into the environment directly or provide a mediating perspective through which to experience these places or events. Christopher Murphy has had several gallery and museum exhibitions, including at the Lora Schlesinger Gallery. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'The marshes at milsby lane house, Savannah, GA' sold at Ivey-Selkirk 'Spring Gallery & Fine Jewelry' in 2012. There have been Several articles about Christopher Murphy, including 'Paintings By Christopher Murphy' written for JUXTAPOZ in 2014.