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Christian Ramirez


Associate Director of Admissions

Office of Admissions
Undergraduate Alumni: 
Drawing + Painting
Counselor Bio: 

LCAD Alumnus, Drawing & Painting BFA, 2008


Christian Ramirez is a painter living and working in Laguna Beach and Santa Ana, CA. Since completing his undergraduate studies at Laguna College of Art + Design he has been working full-time in admissions for the college. His role as Associate Director of Admissions has allowed him to travel regionally, nationally and internationally and to work with and recruit talented students of art and design.


In 2016, Christian founded a DIY gallery in Santa Ana dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Responding to the need for such a platform, ​Basement Projects​ (now ​The Painter's Room​) hosted roughly 25 exhibitions (57 men, 70 women) in an array of media and practices. His own studio work mines the dystopian landscape as a metaphorical plane akin to the Surrealist’s desert of the mind, a fictional space to explore personal and societal anxieties, trauma and conflict in our highly polarized time.


As a first generation Mexican American, Christian is deeply invested in America’s history of racism and colonization, especially as it relates to slavery, the genocide of Native Americans, and Southwestern expansionism. Christian views America’s history as one predicated on the violence inflicted on the personal, social, environmental and cultural body, and sees oil paint as being inextricably linked to the corporeal. The golem-like figures in his works reflect the best and worst of that which makes us human and our penchant for self-destruction. In a way, these self-replicating mud figures become avatars for the artist, as he explores pluralistic visions of our historic, present and future selves.