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Chris Bateman


Adjunct Faculty

MFA Game Design

Award-Winning Game Designer Chris Bateman has been writing and designing games since the 16-bit consoles and he has worked on over fifty published games. His first game as lead designer and writer was Discworld Noir, and his most recent titles are the PlayStation VR Game The Persistence, Shadows: Awakening, and the hit strategy game Tropico 6.

Chris was the founder of Develop Award Nominee International Hobo Ltd, the first consultancy to combine narrative and game design skills under one roof, and the origin of the job title ‘narrative designer’. He won the IGDA’s MVP Award for his work founding and running the organization’s highly-successful Game Writers Special Interest Group.

He is a veteran of over 50 speaking engagements across four continents, including keynoting SB Games in Brazil 2015 and NASCOMM in India in 2005, five sessions at GDC, plus GDC Europe, MIGS, Develop: Brighton and many more besides.