Chris Bateman

Adjunct Faculty

MFA in Game Design
MSc Advanced Computer Science + Artificial Intelligence
PhD Aesthetics of Games and Play

How and why do people play games? This question has absorbed me for much of my life in various different ways, and provides a link between my career as a professional game designer, and my parallel career in academic wizardry. Thanks to my award-winning consultancy, International Hobo, I am currently closing in on having fifty published games to my credit, although I am still perhaps best known for Discworld Noir and Ghost Master. As well as working on numerous game projects I can't discuss because of non-disclosure agreements, I am currently pursuing research exploring phenomenological and neurobiological distinctions between different play styles and preferences, and am also engaged in historical research into the lineages of play. I love being a Visiting Professor at LCAD as it gives me a chance to share my narrative design experience with bright and talented Masters students. However, nothing gives me quite as much pleasure as dabbling in the dark arts of philosophy. In 2013, I became the first person in the world to attain a doctorate in the aesthetics of play and games, and I've published a trilogy of books exploring the philosophy of imagination (one of which, Imaginary Games, is a course book at LCAD). In 2016 I published Wikipedia Knows Nothing, a brief enquiry into knowledge as a practice and a critique of 'facts' - it's available as a free PDF, as well as a paid paperback or ebook: You can find me on Twitter at @SpiralChris