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Bryant Koshu


Adjunct Faculty


My name is Bryant Koshu. I am a concept artist in the entertainment world. I’m a 2011 graduate from LCAD and have been working in the Industry ever since. I started off as a concept artist at a startup studio called Yellow Tracksuit Entertainment, then moved on to Konami, and am currently working at Skydance Interactive. Here at Skydance, I was fortunate to work on a few of the VR titles such as Archangel, Archangel Hellfire, and currently The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. I am mainly a photoshop user however, I utilize many 3D softwares to help establish my concepts in an efficient way. I am excited to be part of the LCAD family as an instructor for Robots, Vehicles, and Spaceship course, and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge of 2D/3D hybrid concept art.