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Ben Garceau


Adjunct Faculty

Liberal Arts

Old things have always fascinated me. When I was eleven I developed a keen interest in the Irish language and in the alphabet that Irish scribes used to write their manuscripts in the Middle Ages. When I entered the working world after college, I found myself staying up late at night to read more about the ancient homeland of the Indo-Europeans, or Roman curse tablets, or the private lives of late medieval merchants. So I applied to the graduate comparative literature program at Indiana University, and began taking coursework in languages like Old English, Middle Welsh, and Latin. I moved to Paris for two years to do some research at the national library (and eat and drink and do all of the other wonderful things you can do in Paris), and when I came back I started work on my dissertation about early medieval translation. I have taught at Indiana, the University of Paris - Nanterre, UC Irvine, and here at LCAD. With my PhD finished last year, I am now turning my dissertation into a book. An essay of mine about Seamus Heaney and Jorge Luis Borges translating Old English is forthcoming in PMLA. My translations from French and Old English have appeared in the Yearbook of Comparative Literature and Inventory, respectively, and I am currently collaborating on a translation of the work of a French psychoanalyst. Perhaps it's my love of outmoded things, but when I'm not teaching or doing research I like to hunt through record stores for rare LPs, watch films on 35mm, and collect first editions of books. I'm working on a couple of novels, I'm an avid hiker and, one of these days, I'm going to learn how to surf.