Becky Coker

Adjunct Faculty

Game Art

As a local who grew up in the area, it wasn't hard to focus my career on game art. The vibrant art community of Laguna Beach, the many local game studios, high school, after school digital and industrial art classes, all combined to provide a strong foundation for my future career choice. Originally, I studied biology, not art. 2 years into college, I discovered a very important thing about education - what you learn should matter to you and your future. I then enrolled at The Art Institute of California - Orange County to pursue my BS in Game Art and Design. There I learned the digital and conceptual basics needed to get in on the ground floor as an artist at Carbine Studios as a Texture Artist working on Wildstar.

My art career has since blossomed beyond the game industry. In addition to working as a texture artist and teaching, I do freelance in the hobbyist jewelry industry. My metal clay stamps are for sale on the Rio Grande website under my future married name, Rebecca Chung. At home, I continue to practice more traditional art forms to expand my horizons as an artist in general. From traditional oils and water colors, lino block carving and printing, encaustics, to metal clay, I love discovering and learning new art mediums.

I post many of my personal works up on Etsy: