LCAD Main Campus

Austin Haynes


Adjunct Faculty

Graphic Design + Digital Media

Austin Haynes is the Creative Director at Dyno Creative, an Orange County based branding agency. He is a dedicated and impassioned Illustrator and Graphic Designer, proficient in drawing and design with a focus on creating work digitally. At Dyno Creative, Austin pushes the visual identities of clients’ brand voices through digital and print media. Austin has worked on a variety of Illustration projects which include Key Art creation, Toy and Packaging design, and Commercial storyboards. His clients include Netflix, Discovery +, Super 7, and Cryptozoic Entertainment. Austin holds a BFA with honors in Illustration from California State University, Fullerton. He is passionate about fostering a welcoming and supportive creative community both inside and outside the classroom. Austin’s courses include Fundamentals of Digital Imaging: Photoshop, Design Drawing, and Professional Practice for Illustration/ Entertainment courses at LCAD.