LCAD Main Campus

Annie Compean


Admissions Counselor

Counselor Bio: 

Annie Compean is a painter with a background in art education. In her studio, she aims to find a sweet spot between still life and figurative themes. The approach of observational drawing and painting plays a large roll in her process. Annie strives to remain sensitive to the conditions of her environment while working in a meditative state. With acute attention to color relationships and light, she builds still life arrangements using unconventional materials. By manipulating mundane and discarded objects into maquettes for larger paintings, she imbues them with life and personality. Her hope is that discovering these objects as sentient beings will conjure feelings of empathy in viewers.


Annie graduated from California State University Fullerton with a BFA in Drawing and Painting and a BA in Art History. In 2018, she graduated from California State University Long Beach with an MFA in Drawing and Painting. She taught Foundation Drawing at CSULB and Life Drawing and Painting at Orange County School of the Arts. Annie also taught a portfolio development class for high school students before working as an admissions counselor at LCAD.