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Andrew Bjarnsen



MFA Game Design

Andrew’s natural love and passion for games have made Interface design and Game design a fulfilling career for him. Currently, the Studio Director at XzoltaR Studios, Andrew holds a MFA degree in Game Design and brings valuable experience to his current role. A passionate gamer, Andrew began gaming at a tender age and was fascinated by the brilliance behind its makings. He brings over 20 years’ experience as a Graphic, Web, Interface (UI/UX), and 3D designer. Andrew’s designs have earned him a stellar career highlight and expertise, which he now brings to his current position.

Andrew was the founder of 5150 Snowboards, which is currently owned by K2 Sports, LLC. Formerly, he worked as a Lead Web Designer for Oakley Inc. In 2010, he served as US Army 68W Combat Medic, with Combat Medic Badge and service in Afghanistan. He was featured in 1989 in Nintendo Power Magazine for Highest Score in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Also, he worked on a released Half-Life 2 Mod, and a Thesis Demo VR rhythm game called Super Nova. Andrew’s passion for gaming and arts makes his work incredibly rewarding. His keen sense of conceptualization and design makes every game design engaging and illustrative.

As a game designer, Andrew is exceptionally skilled and highly responsive to industry trends. He believes in a creative work approach and relies on his undying passion for games and arts to deliver the best in every project. Andrew is an ethical professional with a remarkable commitment to excellence.

Graduate Alumni: 
Game Design