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Amy Kells


Admissions Counselor

Office of Admissions
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LCAD Alumna, Illustration BFA + Creative Writing Minor, 2016


Amy Kells is a working multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Orange County, CA. She earned her BFA in Illustration with a Minor in Creative writing from Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD) and has since held various leadership roles within creative businesses and art collectives. 


Amy is at her happiest when working in collaboration with other artists, and especially when she brings artists together. She spent years as an artist and vendor coordinator curating the creative atmosphere of underground events for art and music collectives in Downtown Los Angeles and has been a vendor, live painter, and workshop leader at music and art festivals across the West Coast.


Since she began working at LCAD in 2017, she has dedicated herself not just to accomplishing her own artistic goals, but also to assisting others in the actualization of their own goals. In addition to her work with prospective students at the College, and in her personal life, Amy catalyzes creativity in all she does. 


In her studio at Location 1980 Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA and as a live painter, Amy is currently calling upon her formal training in painting, design, and illustration to explore the bridge between tangible and intangible worlds and hopes to provoke in her audience both a sense of wonder and a sense of humor.