Renowned Artists Teach and Paint Alongside LCAD MFA in Painting Students

Laguna College of Art and Design’s (LCAD) MFA program in Painting launched a unique class in which the following contemporary figurative artists teach and paint along with students: Aleah Chapin, Carl Dobsky, Natalia Fabia, and Andrew Hem. The course, “The Filtered Figure” is overseen by Peter Zokosky, chair of LCAD’s MFA programs in Drawing and Painting.


The live human figure is the theme of the course. Every three weeks, a guest artist will direct the class and share their own “filter” on how they approach this timeless subject in a personal and relevant way, leading to a finished work of art. 


"Meaningful figurative art is too broad of a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Zokosky. “One of the best ways to discover your own path is to work beside a variety of accomplished mentors. Watching someone else tackle the same challenge is illuminating, but ultimately we figure out what works best for ourselves.”


Laguna College of Art + Design’s MFA programs in Drawing and Painting are focused on promoting timeless skills, personal exploration, and relevance. Through “Filtered Figure,” the program will develop a new approach to highlighting divergent and exciting approaches to a perennial subject.


"The best part for me is to see how a variety of artists approach the same problem,” said Aixa Oliveras, an LCAD MFA in Painting candidate currently taking the course. "It was good to see how their individual approaches vary and how things are similar.”


LCAD MFA in Painting candidate, William Neukomm added, “"With a consistent model throughout the course, the variety of approaches and techniques employed by different instructors became more apparent."