On Thursday, February 28, 2019 and again on Sunday, March 3, 2019, an On Demand Hosted by Rob Lowe feature on LCAD’s BFA program in Game Art and MFA program in Game Design will air nationally, and during prime time, on Fox Business Network. The Thursday, February 28th feature will air at 5:29 PM PST.* The Sunday, March 3rd feature will air at 6:40 PM PST.*



Video games are products of a thriving industry both in the U.S. and abroad, and the number of careers pertaining to the creation of these games has increased exponentially. As a result, more & more students are working towards taking their passion for interactive virtual worlds & turning it into a career in game design.


“Whatever your specific skills or talents are, there is a place in game development for you. Games stretch beyond the realm of entertainment into many other fields as well such as technology, medical, education, scientific research, and more. Not to mention the competitive salaries you can make at the beginning of your career. For many of my peers, game development has been their lifelong dream job, and for some of them it was something they stumbled into. Regardless, most developers I’ve met are passionate and take their work seriously.” –– Lauren Lehmann, LCAD Game Art alumna (2017)


Here at Laguna College of Art + Design, students enrolled in our Game Art & Game Design programs are on their ways to careers that thrive on creativity and imagination––and that positively impact the world around them in fun, educational, and engaging mediums. LCAD’s Game programs empower students to take the creative lead in imagining and bringing virtual worlds to life, so they can go on to have successful careers in the game industry.


“One of the things we do here in the Game Art program is to make sure we partner students with professionals right off the bat. So, in their first semester, a lot of their instructors are from the game industry, and this gets (our students) used to mingling with (game industry professionals) on a daily basis; so, that way they’re thinking about them more as future co-workers than as rock stars to put up on a pedestal.” – Gavin Rich, Chair of LCAD’s BFA program in Game Art


Founded in 1961 & located across several scenic acres in Southern California, Laguna College of Art + Design offers bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degrees in seven majors, and enjoys a long & storied history of not only creating great artists, but great citizens of the world. 


“The cross cultural multi-gender student body creates a positive life lesson and learning experience for creating meaningful, ethical and engaging content. Our undergraduate program in Game Art was one of the first programs in the nation to have a larger female to male ratio. The program itself was built upon the backs of the existing majors at LCAD. With eager industry professionals stepping up from neighboring companies like Blizzard and Obsidian Entertainment to join the ranks of the teaching team, they brought with them the technical expertise to round out the program’s curriculum.” –– Sandy Appleoff, Chair of LCAD’s MFA Program in Game Design


Forward thinking, industry ready leaders, and team players, LCAD game graduates are taught to aim ahead of the industry, which creates highly sought-after alumni.


“Having studied at LCAD allowed me to lead a team that has created award-winning learning games. Most recently, one of our games received the game Academy Award from the most prestigious Art School in China and has been exhibited in Beijing in their museum, while at the same time the game is being used in classrooms all over the US and Europe to help students and teachers. The MFA program at LCAD, the rigor and the interaction with all the faculty allowed me to learn the skills, master the knowledge and apply it to my everyday work and enabling our team to be so successful.” ––André Thomas, LCAD MFA Program in Game DesignAlumnus, and CEO of Triseum 


Let us help you turn your passion into a career. Learn more today about the Game Art & Game Design programs at Laguna College of Art + Design:


BFA program in Game Art: Game Art

MFA program in Game Design: Game Design


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