LCAD Design + Anaheim Ducks Creative Collab in Third Consecutive Semester

Recently, to get a better understanding of the Anaheim Ducks, LCAD Graphic Design + Digital Media Students were invited by Ducks senior management to attend the Anaheim Ducks' Season Opener.


This is the third consecutive semester in which LCAD Graphic Design + Digital Media honors students have collaborated with the Anaheim Ducks. During the fall 2017 semester, the creative focus was on a playoff advertising campaign. During the spring 2018 semester, the focus was on motion graphics. This semester, the collaborative focus is on creating Ducks merchandise.


Before the season-opening game, LCAD students were invited onto the ice, watched the warmups from the penalty box, and then watched the game from a private suite.


Between periods, and in the private suite, Ducks Director of Merchandising, Jill Bauer, gave the students a presentation about doing design work for the ducks and about Ducks Merchandise. Bauer, showed two special edition prints created for the ducks by LCAD Graphic Design + Digital Media Alumnus and former Ducks Honors Class student, Samuel Mazzarella (2018) and said that all prints sold out in the store within ten minutes of release.


During the seasoning opening game, work from LCAD Ducks motion graphics student, Matthieu Chaminade, played on the screen to hype up the crowd. The Ducks have been using his work that was produced in class for last season and this season.