Laguna College of Art + Design’s 10th Annual Pitch Day

On Sunday, September 9th, at Laguna College of Art + Design’s (LCAD) Big Bend Campus, students from USC Game Pipe Laboratory and LCAD’s MFA program in Game Design convened for the 10th Annual Pitch Day event. Participating teams pitched game projects to students of LCAD’s BFA program in Game Art, most of whom hope to earn a place on one of these teams in the future.


Each Pitch Day team took the stage and presented a cross-section of their project that—depending on how far into the project a team is—includes the initial pitch, inspirations, concept art, and even gameplay. The projects usually emphasize something their creators would like to see and bring into the field of games. This year’s teams were: D32-Rubicon, Orthoiso, Pytheas, Teddie and I, Twistowop, and Unfettered.


The day provides a very positive experience that can lead to coveted opportunities for everyone involved. Students of LCAD’s BFA program in Game Art are encouraged to join game teams, as doing so not only fulfills a degree requirement, but also yields portfolio work developed within a working team environment. For LCAD Game Design MFA students, Pitch Day serves as team development for their MFA thesis project