Free Summer Online Liberal Arts Course

LCAD Offering Free Summer Online Liberal Arts Course to Newly Accepted and Continuing Students

Penn’s Treaty with the Indians, by Benjamin West

For the first time in LCAD’s 57-year history, LCAD is offering a chance for all newly accepted and continuing LCAD students to enroll in a free online summer session of American Literature (LA218).

American Literature (LA218)
3 units (satisfies American Culture or Liberal Arts elective)
July 9 – August 10
Instructor: LCAD’s Chair of Liberal Arts and Art History, Sol Smith


This survey course of the literature of the Americas, offers a literary perspective on American culture, and may focus on a specific author (or group of authors), time period, theme, or culture. By examining the literature that springs from the American psyche and helps to inform it, students better understand the culture that has shaped the Western World. As with other courses in the Liberal Arts, this course can zoom in to examine a particular focus or theme each time it is run–e.g., Iconoclasts of American Literature or California’s Literary Landscape.


Advantages of early completion of American Literature (LA218):

  •  Get a head start on fulfilling Liberal Arts requirements and prerequisites
  •  Free up a semester to focus on studio coursework
  • Create a possibility for no Liberal Arts coursework but Senior Capstone during your senior year

About the Instructor: LCAD’s Chair of Liberal Arts and Art History, Sol Smith

LCAD’s Chair of Liberal Arts and Art History, Sol SmithSol Smith is a writer living in Southern California. Sol is LCAD’s Chair of Liberal Arts and Art History where he teaches writing and other Liberal Arts courses. His books range from a Children’s Horror series, to YA Paranormal Fiction, to a thinly-veiled Autobiography about traveling across the country.


In addition to his books, Sol Smith’s writing has been published in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, and blogs. He is an Educational Philosopher, a parenting writer, and an avid consumer critic.You can read some short excerpts from his horror series at You can read everything else at


To enroll in American Literature (LA218), please contact LCAD’s Registrar/Director of Institutional Research, Laura Patrick and/or LCAD’s Assistant Registrar/Assistant Director of Institutional Research, Michael Zuniga by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 1st at