Animation Film Festival 2023

LCAD Animation Students’ films have been making waves in the past 8 months.

Animation Film Festival Initiative

We are extremely proud of our students and will continue to encourage more of them to participate in our LCAD Animation Film Festival Initiative led by the Animation program Chair, Dan Boulos. LCAD students’ films have been screening all over the world in the past 8 months. The initiative will continue, and we expect the numbers below to rise significantly.

LCAD Animation March-October 2023

9 Films screened
40 times in
6 countries on
3 continents in just the first
8 months of our LCAD Animation Films Festival Initiative (LCADAN FFI)

LCAD Animated films have enjoyed

40 screenings and have won
2 awards with
2 other films selected as finalists and had
1 additional honorable mention in less than 1 year

List of Festivals LCAD films have screened in from March-Oct 2023

Thessaloniki Animation Festival (Greece)
Festival Internacional de Cine Austral (Argentina)
Animation Volda Festival (Norway)
Animated Expressions Expo (France)
Lift Off First Time Filmmakers Sessions (England)
ICONA Animation Festival (Greece)
Reel Love Film Festival (USA)
Pixelatl (Mexico)

List of LCAD Films Accepted for screenings March-Oct 2023

Read the Signs – Samantha Ames
Tears of an Ocean – Luisa Ramirez
Deep Seated Hatred – Noah Kramer
Equinox – Elisa Gimenez Valdes Fernandez Posada
Forget me Not – Denver Colorado and Xime Garcia
Solar Body – Baxter Wallace
Goldhearts – Junsouk Isaac Chun
Ripples of the Heart – Kristen Li
Over the Rainbow Bridge – Lily Rodriguez