Student Financial Assistance

Notice of availability of institutional, State and Federal Financial Aid.


Contact information for assistance in obtaining Institutional or Financial Aid.


Financial Aid Policy.


Refund policy and requirements for withdrawal and return of Federal Financial Aid.


Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations.


Initial loan counseling for student borrowers.

  • All first time federal loan borrowers must complete loan counseling before their loan can be disbursed. Counseling can be completed online at or in person at the Financial Aid Office.


Exit counseling for student borrowers.

  • All students that borrow federal loans must complete loan exit counseling when they graduate or drop below half time (6 units). Exit counseling can be completed at  NSLDS  or in person at the Financial Aid Office.


Prefered lender list

  • LCAD does not currently have any private loan preferred lender lists. We do not recommend or endorse any particular private loan lender. You may choose any lender you wish. All federal loans are processed by the Department of Education.


Gainful Employment


Text book credit for PELL eligible students


Price of Attendance - BFA and Post-Baccalaureate


Price of Attendance - MFA in Drawing and MFA in Painting


Price of Attendance - MFA Art of Game Design