International Students Club Highlight

A quick glimpse of LCAD’s International Students Club, one of the 13 student-run clubs around campus.

About the Club

The Laguna College of Art + Design International Students Club is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community for international students, artists, and scholars. The student-run club’s mission is to provide a supportive forum where members can connect, grow, and thrive in their academic and professional pursuits.

Through a commitment to knowledge sharing and networking, they aim to empower international students by facilitating opportunities for personal and intellectual development. They believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, recognizing the richness that various backgrounds and cultures bring to our community.

As advocates for the international student body, the ISC members strive to educate and raise awareness about the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Moreover, they are committed to navigating the complexities of international student life, including matters such as CPT, OPT, and employment rights. By dispelling misinformation and providing accurate resources, they empower their members to make informed decisions about their academic and professional journeys.

Founded on the principle that international students deserve comprehensive support and attention, the club is driven by a shared commitment to success and solidarity. Together, we strive to create a community where every member can thrive and reach their full potential.