Industry Partners

Industry Partners


The LCAD design program was chosen as one of only four "best design schools in the world" by NIKE. LCAD was selected for the NIKE Sponsored Design Studio which focused on the 2016 Olympics and how digital sports is changing the experience for the athlete, coach and fan. The studio paired LCAD students with NIKE design directors who worked as mentors to develop innovative design . The students flew to NIKE headquarters in Portland and worked with athletes and designers. A summer internship at NIKE was awarded at end of the semester class. In addition LCAD students are currently employed at NIKE as a result of this collaborative class.



Action-sports brand Etnies created a campaign called "Buy A Shoe, Plant A Tree", which is planting more than 35,000 trees in the Costa Rican rainforest to help offset, global warming. The LCAD design students, partnered with Etnies, and learned about, sustainability. They developed communication materials that included web development, innovative augmented reality, print, packaging, and social media solutions.



Vans collaborates with LCAD in a studio that teaches design students the creative process of footwear design and marketing. Students tour Vans HQ, meet company founder Steve Van Doren and work with art directors to understand the industry, develop footwear designs and creative graphic applications. The program feature studio critiques at VANS and guest lectures from industry personnel. Students have the possibility of interning with Vans after the conclusion of the program. Students are given custom footwear to create, own and wear. Vans currently employs LCAD Students.



LCAD, in partnership with Hurley, offers design students the opportunity to participate in a class that teaches students the creative process of developing action sports apparel lines. Students working in studio and at Hurley Corporate offices, collaborate with art directors to understand industry methods and also develop their own creative graphic lines of surf and lifestyle apparel. The program features tours at Hurley, department presentations, critiques and guest lectures from industry personnel. Hurley employs LCAD alumni and students in their digital media, apparel and marketing departments.



WATG is an award winning global architecture firm. LCAD + WATG paired together in a collaborative, semester challenge in which students worked on designing a new luxury hotel concept and brand. Students worked hand-in-hand with corporate mentors sharing research and methods to develop resort color schemes, logos, interior signage, iPad and mobile App designs, along with comprehensive marketing. Students presented their work at high level industry panels. A student internship was awarded at the end of the semester long project.



LCAD Graphic Design joined with The Museum of Modern Art on a project to develop creative concepts for an exhibit of a new MOMA acquisition. Art and Architecture curator, Paola Antonelli, joined students for creative direction and critiques of student work which included exhibit design, signage, 3D, video, motion work, project branding, and print solutions. The exhibit project looked at the influence of the "@" symbol as a cultural innovation. Students had the opportunity to travel to New York City.