As a Minor in Illustration at LCAD, you will become a better-rounded artist with quality portfolio pieces relevant for a variety of career opportunities.


Minoring in Illustration will enable you to gain an understanding of the illustrator’s studio processes and business practices. As an Illustration minor, you also will further your ability to create 2-D images effectively and will deepen your image making skills with additional instruction in the methods and techniques of gouache, pencil, acrylic, oil, and digital mediums.


Course Listings




FD154 + FD161

This course provides an intensive study of graphic visualization for convincing representation.  Students will be introduced to the use of light logis and the application of a variety of black and white and color media to produce highly refined and visually accurate drawings and painting.  Emphasis is on a realistic fidelity in the representation of nature and man-made objects through the careful study of structure, surface, and lighting influences.


Illustration 1 – Color


FD150 + FD154 + FD162

This course provides an overview of traditional and contemporary color illustration practices, techniques, and styles. A comprehensive and practical introduction to color theory and the use of multiple color media is also emphasized. This course is meant to be the critical bridge between rational color theory and intuitive painting. It also provides the opportunity for exploration and familiarization of painting methods and styles through a range of in-class exercises and outside assignments addressing the full spectrum of color and its relationship with commissioned art.


Illustration 2


IL210 + IL214 + IL224 + FA201 + FA202

This course is designed to refine and develop the skills for a consistent personal visual vocabulary, and to enable the artist to produce editorial interpretations based on literary works and social, cultural, and political issues of personal and public opinion. Concepts are stressed with emphasis on communication of visual surprise and imagination. The creation of narrative and symbolic image making are encouraged and explored. Students are expected to find individual solutions to both black and white and color assignments.


Graphic Illustration 1


IL210 + IL214 + IL224 + FA201 + FA202

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of the connection between illustration and design. Students are equipped to enter the professional world with market-ready skills, such as producing advertising illustrations for various media outlets including print, digital magazines or other printed collateral. Through assignments centering on relationships among art directors, illustrators and clients alike; this course helps prepare creative minds to flourish in any work environment they may find themselves drawn towards.


Computer Imaging


FD160 + FD162 or ((FD127 or FD001 ) + (FD129 or FD002))

This studio course in digital image making will challenge students to create thought-provoking and visually stimulating work while learning how to use the computer as a versatile tool for creation and manipulation. A range of projects will be developed while students consider the role of literal and implicit communication, aesthetics, and emotional impact. Computer applications: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia Flash (a beginning intro).