I Heart LCAD

Hello my friends,


For nearly four decades, Laguna College of Art + Design has been near and dear to my heart. And as part of the LCAD family, I know you share my passion, enthusiasm and love for this special place. Our love for LCAD compels us to provide our students with the resources they need to thrive in today’s classroom and tomorrow’s workplace.


I’d like to invite you to take a moment this February to celebrate the love we all share for this amazing college, its historic legacy and our vibrant community.


To kick it off, join me in sharing your fondest thoughts and memories of LCAD. Send your favorite stories, quotes or photos to, and we’ll share them with the LCAD community through our social media channels. If you’re also posting these memories on your own, help us reach more folks by tagging us with the hashtag #IloveLCAD, or just give Alumni Manager, Liana Franciosa a call at (949) 376-6000, ext. 257.


During this Valentine’s Season, let’s take the time to demonstrate our compassion for that which we hold most dear by giving to the LCAD Fund. Your contribution of any amount will help ensure that all we love about LCAD will endure for graduating classes far into LCAD’s future. As a symbol of our appreciation for your continued support, all who contribute $50 or more by February 29th will receive a limited edition I LCAD t-shirt designed exclusively for this campaign.


Join me in expressing support for LCAD’s commitment to our art and design students. Donate so they can create!


Warmest regards,


LCAD Jonathan Burke Signature