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LCAD Gallery’s mission is to serve the educational and cultural objectives of Laguna College of Art and Design’s studio majors. Each year, through their exhibitions, the Gallery seeks to promote the development of our students’ talents and aesthetic awareness, while at the same time expanding the appreciation of various art forms to the community. LCAD Gallery’s exhibitions are offered free of charge to the public.



LCAD Gallery
374 Ocean Ave.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(Only Two Storefronts North of Zinc Cafe & Market)


Gallery Hours:
11AM – 4PM, Wednesday through Sunday
Closed Monday and Tuesday

For more information, please contact LCAD Gallery Manager, Bryan Heggie, via email at or by telephone at 949-376-6000 ext. 289

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Animation Celebration: The Art of Traditional Animation
November 02–December 29, 2017
Receptions: Thursday, November 2nd, 6–9PM and Thursday, December 7th, 6–9PM

Laguna College of Art + Design’s BFA program in Animation is proud to present, Animation Celebration: The Art of Traditional Animation, an exhibition featuring cleanup drawings and original cels from films and TV shows like The Jungle Book, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Roger Rabbit, The Secret of NIMH,Sleeping Beauty, Tom and Jerry, and many more.

“Long ago, somewhere in time between cave paintings and computers, sheets of paper reigned supreme as the surface of choice for professional animators. Some of animation’s most elegant drawings were born on these magical sheets that made their ways into the greatest animated features of Hollywood’s golden age of film. Animation Celebration: The Art of Traditional Animation, invites us all to journey back in time to a bygone era when the masters of our medium were at the tops of their games.” – LCAD’s Chair of Animation, Sean Bishop

Above image: Milt Kahl, Shere Khan, The Jungle Book, Ink and Paint on celluloid, 1967