From the Military to the Arts

David Vargo, Assistant Professor of Illustration at Laguna College of Art + Design, shares his truly inspiring story.

The Story

Growing up in a poor family in a poor part of the United States, he joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17, where he created a strong bond with his fellow marines. When he got out of the military due to a back injury, David pursued art education.

David Vargo transferred to LCAD from a community college, where he’s been teaching for 17 years and counting. He believes the sense of community and collaborations at LCAD is simply unmatched anywhere else.

In addition to his role at LCAD, David volunteers with his Veterans group, Team RWB, to help teach disabled veterans how to surf and enjoy the ocean, not only giving back to the military and veterans, but also spreading awareness to the importance of our ocean and its sustainability.

Get to know David Vargo, what he thinks makes Laguna College of Art + Design a special place to learn, and the amazing work he’s doing for the community and beyond.