Peep Show: Susan Tibbles Exhibition at the LCAD Gallery

A collage-style photo of black binoculars with a womans face on them.


Susan Tibbles’ assemblages of found objects, words and imagery create a visual vocabulary all can understand. Her work speaks for itself, compelling the audience to look and listen.

For the past 30 years, the artist distilled controversial and complex subject matter and politics into captivating and uncanny images. She not only captures the essence of the subjects she is dealing with, but also she does so with a subtle, yet powerful aesthetic sensibility.

Tibbles’ work has shown in both Museum and Gallery exhibitions across the United States and Europe, along with op-ed pages of various publications including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, and the Baltimore Sun.

“Susan’s work expands on illustrative norms, elevating it to an extraordinary level by incorporating dimensional objects and imagery from Americana that evokes profound responses in unexpected and delightful ways”.

– Michael Savas, LCAD Illustration Chair

Exhibition Dates

February 2nd – March 19th


February 2nd
6pm – 9pm

LCAD Gallery

374 Ocean Ave.
Laguna Beach, Ca 92651

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Artwork Credit

Peep Show (#11Opinion Collection), 6.5″x6″x3″, Assemblage, 2001