A painting of a man in a bathing suit looking out over an ocean, where two other people in bathing suits are diving in the distance.
A cream colored square with the words “Art Market” and an image of a table with art on it.
An orange square graphic with the words “Color It Orange.”
An illustration of black, white, and blue flowers and the words “Spring Open House” in yellow.
A painting of a female tangled in monster tentacles.
A watercolor painting of Heisler park. There are markers, paint brushes, and color swatches in the frame.
A painting of a man’s profile on a deep blue background. The man has a black beard and a black tophat.
Two students climb the side of a stone cathedral. They are carrying art supplies while paper falls around them.
A picture of Kazu Hiro working on a giant sculpture of a man’s head.
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