LCAD Gallery Exhibitions

: A painting of a foot with a ballerina slipper falling off of it.
A painting of a man in a bathing suit looking out over an ocean, where two other people in bathing suits are diving in the distance.
An orange square graphic with the words “Color It Orange.”
A painting of a female tangled in monster tentacles.
Two students climb the side of a stone cathedral. They are carrying art supplies while paper falls around them.
A photograph of rocks and a light blue river in the middle.
A square painting witha. blue sky, sand, and a boy running with a triangle rainbow kite.
Photograph of a red and yellow fish in dark water.
Painting of two small children in yellow and red dresses, sitting in grass, in front of a pond with three blue footed booby birds in it.
Painting of a man kneeling in front of a house, while a woman stands in front of him looking down at him.
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