LCAD Events

A picture of Kazu Hiro working on a giant sculpture of a man’s head.
A painting of a man’s profile on a deep blue background. The n=man has a black bear and a black tophat.
A watercolor painting of a stone fountain with lion sculptures on it.
Two students climb the side of a stone cathedral. They are carrying art supplies while paper falls around them.
A graphic with a dark green/blue background with cloud-like swirls, the text is "Open House" in white block letters, and "Fall" in yellow cursive.
A photograph of rocks and a light blue river in the middle.
A white background with a pencil sketch of a person lying on the floor and wearing a mask. The text reads "Short Pose Workshop"
A white background with a charcoal drawing of a man curled up in. a ball. The text reads "Long Pose Workshop"
Event National Portfolio Day 2023
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