Chris Bateman: The Virtues of Cyborg Players

Monday Mar 25

5:00pm to 7:00pm


How often do you go out without your smartphone? 

What's the longest you've gone without the internet? 


Whether it's Facebook selling our personal data to be 'weaponised' by Cambridge Analytica, or Google suggesting answers to questions like "are women evil?" to people who asked for no such thing, our lives are drastically affected by the machines we are living with. Whether you've noticed it or not, we have become cyborgs - human-machine hybrids, like the cyborg you make with your smartphone, or the one you make with your games console. 



We need to learn to be good cyborgs - and game designer and philosopher Dr Chris Bateman suggests one way to discover how is to learn from the cyborg players of videogames. For almost forty years, players have been tested by their cyborg relationships with digital games, and while there are certainly some cases where matters have gone awry - the Pokémon GO player who steps out into traffic, for instance - the world of videogames abounds with cases where videogame players show how we might learn to be good cyborgs.


Laguna College of Art + Design

Big Bend Campus, Studios 13+14 (BB13+14)

2825 Laguna Canyon Road

Laguna Beach, CA 92651