Equity + Inclusion Initiatives, Programs and Resources

Welcome to LCAD’s Equity + Inclusion page. Here, you can find a list of the current programs and initiatives that our school is putting in place to further develop a culture of equity and inclusion so that every member of the LCAD community can learn, work, live and play in a safe, supportive environment. Click on each initiative below to learn more.

LCAD Equity + Inclusion Scholarship for People of Color

Laguna College of Art + Design promises real change!

On Friday, June 8, 2020, in support of social justice, the LCAD community of Trustees, Administrative Leadership, and Faculty vowed to create the LCAD Equity + Inclusion Scholarship. This scholarship fund has been created to provide vital support to LCAD’s under-represented students who are people of color. Through this Equity + Inclusion Scholarship, LCAD pledges to eradicate disparities in our student representation. The College embraces the power of representation and recognizes the role that art plays in strengthening our community.

Donations designated to the LCAD Equity + Inclusion Scholarship help LCAD support our under-represented students of color regardless of their financial backgrounds. This LCAD Scholarship will be awarded to these under-represented students to ensure increased representation within the LCAD student body. Secondary factors for recipients will be based on need and merit. The intent is for this scholarship to be a student’s gateway to a degree from LCAD and to a career in the creative arts. Scholarship support may take the form of one-time gifts, recurring annual contributions, or endowed funds. Scholarships are distributed in the academic year after they are received.

Empower LCAD’s under-represented students to become the creative professionals of tomorrow!