Equity + Inclusion Initiatives, Programs and Resources

Welcome to LCAD’s Equity + Inclusion page. Here, you can find a list of the current programs and initiatives that our school is putting in place to further develop a culture of equity and inclusion so that every member of the LCAD community can learn, work, live and play in a safe, supportive environment. Click on each initiative below to learn more.

In June 2020, LCAD held an information-gathering forum with approximately 130 faculty and staff members. We listened to comments that helped guide us toward the next steps outlined on this page. Subsequently, our Restorative Justice Consultant also organized and held a student forum that elicited valuable information from concerned students.

NEXT STEPS: The Equity + Inclusion Council, along with our Restorative Justice Consultant and Alumni Affairs Manager, will be holding an alumni discussion forum on Thursday, August 27th, at 6:30pm. Alumni will be contacted with additional information and participation instructions.

UPDATE: An Alumni Forum was hosted by the EIC and Ms. Myers. Alumni expressed their hopes and concerns, which are being addressed through the strategies of the Restorative Justice Project. Alumni sought ways to assist in the positive changes being made at LCAD.

One of the most important student concerns emerging out of the forums was a greater need for financial and decision-making transparency. To that end, the Board of Trustees invited a student representative to attend board meetings on a regular basis, thus allowing the student to witness the decision-making process within the board.  Along the same lines, the staff published and circulated to students a general breakdown of its budget categories and expenditures.