Equity + Inclusion Initiatives, Programs and Resources

Welcome to LCAD’s Equity + Inclusion page. Here, you can find a list of the current programs and initiatives that our school is putting in place to further develop a culture of equity and inclusion so that every member of the LCAD community can learn, work, live and play in a safe, supportive environment. Click on each initiative below to learn more.

LCAD is actively working with Michelle Meyers, a professional Restorative Justice consultant, who is collaborating with our Chief Operations Officer, faculty and the Equity + Inclusion Council to collect, understand, and address input and concerns. For more info on Michelle, click HERE

NEXT STEPS: Ms. Meyers is in the process of planning staff, alumni and faculty forums. The dates and times of these forums will be announced as soon as they are scheduled. Phase I of the process will continue to include virtual forums with students, alumni, staff and faculty. In Phase II, based on the learning and feedback from Phase I, Ms. Meyers will help to identify and plan next steps.

UPDATE: On June 26th, Ms. Myers held a student forum; on August 27th, she met with alumni. Although there were some differences between the concerns of the two groups, she found that students and alumni expressed a need for greater transparency and honest communication with administration and faculty. The groups also strongly advocated for greater diversity among faculty, staff and trustees. They felt that more professional training should be developed around the issues of equity and racism at the school. They also believe that the school must cultivate a greater sense of community and culture of care by recognizing the harm done in the past and by showing care for BIPOC and students with disabilities. Students also wanted to see an increase in the number of clubs and school organizations. Since the fall, Black students have created a Black Students Union, and an International Students Club has been started.

NEXT STEPS FOR THE RESTORATIVE JUSTICE PROJECT: Ms. Myers is planning a second student forum in March 2021. The Equity Inclusion Council members and Ms. Myers believe that student voices are crucial to the entire process and would like to hold a regularly a scheduled annual student forum. Ms. Myers will also lead a faculty/staff forum in January before the start of the spring semester.

These two forums will allow us to assess steps taken since summer and to discuss other ways to improve the campus climate.