Equity + Inclusion Initiatives, Programs and Resources

Welcome to LCAD’s Equity + Inclusion page. Here, you can find a list of the current programs and initiatives that our school is putting in place to further develop a culture of equity and inclusion so that every member of the LCAD community can learn, work, live and play in a safe, supportive environment. Click on each initiative below to learn more.


As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure a campus-wide commitment to a safe, equitable and inclusive environment for all, we have established an Equity + Inclusion Council (EIC). The council is collaborating with staff, faculty, students, trustees and alumni to continue the development and implementation of initiatives, programs, and curriculum to better support diversity in all its forms. The Council is also reviewing materials to recommend appropriate educational and training resources for everyone we serve. To learn more about the Council and its members, click HERE.

NEXT STEPS: The EIC is currently recruiting alumni and students to join staff and faculty members on the Council.


LCAD is actively working with Michelle Meyers, a professional Restorative Justice consultant, who is collaborating with our Chief Operations Officer, faculty and the Equity + Inclusion Council to collect, understand, and address input and concerns. For more info on Michelle, click HERE

NEXT STEPS: Ms. Meyers is in the process of planning staff, alumni and faculty forums. The dates and times of these forums will be announced as soon as they are scheduled. Phase I of the process will continue to include virtual forums with students, alumni, staff and faculty. In Phase II, based on the learning and feedback from Phase I, Ms. Meyers will help to identify and plan next steps.


LCAD is working with an Equity Leadership Coach to assist the Chief Operating Officer in creating and implementing structural changes related to equity and inclusion on campus.

NEXT STEPS: The Leadership Coach will work with the Chief Operating Officer to analyze hiring and HR practices as they relate to equity and inclusion.


In June 2020, LCAD held an information-gathering forum with approximately 130 faculty and staff members. We listened to comments that helped guide us toward the next steps outlined on this page. Subsequently, our Restorative Justice Consultant also organized and held a student forum that elicited valuable information from concerned students.

NEXT STEPS: The Equity + Inclusion Council, along with our Restorative Justice Consultant and Alumni Affairs Manager, will be holding an alumni discussion forum on Thursday, August 27th, at 6:30pm. Alumni will be contacted with additional information and participation instructions.


LCAD created an Equity + Inclusion scholarship dedicated exclusively to support Black students, regardless of financial need.  The scholarship has already received some funding from the President and faculty members. The development department created a “Givalanche” to increase funding.

NEXT STEPS: In the process of creating another scholarship that will fund BIPOC students, again regardless of financial need.




The LCAD Board of Trustees serves as the College’s governing board. Trustees are volunteers dedicated to the long-term success and financial health of the College. The LCAD Board of Trustees is actively recruiting members from under-represented populations.

NEXT STEPS: The Equity + Inclusion Council is in the process of recommending educational and training resources for the Board.


The Restorative Justice Consultant will lead a comprehensive workshop for faculty in August. This workshop will focus on microaggressions in the classroom as well as restorative practices for healing our community.

NEXT STEPS: Continuing education and training programs will be required of all faculty and department chairs.


We are revising our Complaint Process to ensure a more transparent and collaborative approach. The types of complaints include, but are not limited to:

  1. Academic concerns and faculty issues
  2. Staff concerns
  3. Discrimination, harassment, retaliation, violence and safety as addressed under state and federal law
  1. Violations of the LCAD Student Code of Conduct

NEXT STEPS: The expanded complaint process will include mediation services provided by an ombudsman/consultant specializing in conflict resolution. The Board of Trustees will be consulted during the review and establishment of policies that deal with complaints.


LCAD launched an internal research project to help identify new talent resources outside of the networks used in the past in order to encourage diversification of our faculty and staff. Future positions will be filled using more diverse recruiting channels and avenues.

NEXT STEPS: We will continue to evaluate new resources for faculty and staff searches with support and consultation from the Leadership Coach.


Over the summer, our Liberal Arts Faculty have worked diligently to create more diverse course offerings. This fall we will be offering Living Through History: Culture Wars. We are also revisiting the art history sequence to be inclusive of all cultures.

NEXT STEPS: Additional courses and curriculum changes are being explored for Spring 2021 semester and beyond.