Equity + Inclusion Council


To ensure a campus-wide commitment to the creation of a safe, equitable and inclusive environment for all.    


The Equity + Inclusion Council will collaborate with staff, faculty and students to develop and implement initiatives, programs, and curriculum to better support diversity in all its forms.

EIC’s Promise:

Identify barriers, act to foster real organizational change Educate ourselves and others, develop and implement programs and initiatives that will better support our students of color and other marginalized identities. We will work to restore justice and equality and to make concrete recommendations, while setting a clear marker for accountability and change.

EIC’s Purpose:

We will make policy recommendations and develop strategic plans towards diversity, equity, and inclusion at LCAD by coordinating annual forums for related issues to be heard. To uphold accountability and to ensure that steps are being taken in the direction of creating an anti-bias environment.

To successfully create and support an equal environment where each person regardless of background is valued based on his or her skills and talents, we strive to foster a community where students, faculty and staff feel empowered to be their true authentic selves. We encourage our LCAD community to share their experiences in efforts to promote and develop more inclusive behaviors for a truly diverse culture.

EIC’s Initiatives:

  • Provide a safe space for the LCAD community to be seen and heard
  • Diversify LCAD with the goal of building a community that reflects national statistics
  • Work with student govt & marginalized student unions to offer institutional support
  • Hold regular school-wide forums to foster greater communication at all levels of our institution
  • Work with Faculty Senate to diversify curriculum & pedagogy
  • Enlist the services of outside consultants to provide professional development in pursuit of the goals of the council
  • Inviting school-wide speakers on equity, inclusiveness, and tolerance
  • Fundraising and other financial donations

Institutional Complaint Process:


Formal Complaint Form:



Jason Oualline

Co-Chair Game Art Chair Associate Professor of Game Art
Jillian Curiel

Traffic Coordinator Receptionist
Nicole Drost

Student Life Assistant
Danielle Jacquez

Internship Coordinator
Gloria Rivera

Transfer + International Student Specialist Alumna
Agnus Sanchez

Director of Human Resources
Fátima Silva

Bursar Alumna
Sol Smith

Liberal Arts Chair Associate Professor of Liberal Arts
Ray Vargas

Admissions Counselor Alumnus

For more information, contact the EIC directly at EIC@lcad.edu