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Welcome to Dové Kirra?, the place for bi-monthly dispatches from 2019 Chauvel Study Abroad Scholarship recipient and LCAD Graphic Design + Digital Media BFA senior, Kirra Nash. Check in here approximately twice each month to see where Kirra is and what she’s doing!


From Florence, Italy

Friday, January 25, 2019



My first couple weeks at SACI have passed by in a blur! With classes at LCAD starting soon, I thought I'd say hello and update everyone on how it's going.


My final classes at SACI are "History of Italian Cinema," "Batik," "Without Limits," and "Italian Fashion Design." All four courses are super fun and we're working on some really cool things! I was actually kinda worried the first week because they couldn't squeeze me into a single Liberal Arts course, but luckily cinema has a spot open up and it's been a blast! I couldn't be happier with my lineup. I was worried I wouldn't be doing much design during my time here, but I'm the only graphic designer in class, so pretty much all of that work in the projects is passing through me.


My housemates are swell, too, and my roommate Kaitlyn is a doll! Dana Herkelrath, you were so right that having a roommate actually makes it so much easier. Just today we were figuring out the Italian washing machine... and still are, I might have gotten water all over the floor, but it made for a good excuse to finally mop! We're located super conveniently right next to the Duomo, where, starting next week, I'll be participating in a community service program through the school called "Arte e Fede" where I'll become a tour guide for English-speaking groups. I've got a 20-page document of which I've got about half to memorize in order to do the tours. Training starts Monday, and it's only two hours a week, so I'm looking forward to the experience!


I've been keeping in touch with Suzi Chauvel, sending her fun little bits and updates on whats going on. I've been sending postcards to all my friends, too. 


Tomorrow I'll be going on the big Rome trip, where we'll be staying for two nights and running around like crazy in the meantime! Also found out that all those class field trips for art histories are optional to take if you are outside of the class and I've been on every single one! (pictures below of the best bits)


Anyhoo, thanks again to Suzi and all of you for your help getting me here! I am so eternally grateful and it already has been such an amazing experience! And I'm sure it will continue to be so!!!!


Thank you all again,


Kirra Nash