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Introducing LCAD’s BFA Program in Creative Writing »

Introducing Laguna College of Art + Design’s BFA Program in Creative Writing

Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD) is proud to announce the Fall 2017 launch its BFA program in Creative Writing, featuring an emphasis in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Students of the Creative Writing BFA are invited to explore myriad specialized areas of study: from graphic novels to podcasting, from memoir to Gonzo journalism, from song lyrics to prosimetra, and everything in between, tangential to, and overlapping.

LCAD’s Creative Writing curriculum is designed to assist writers in defining their voices by laying strong narrative foundations, which then are forged by an exploration of deep craft. The BFA program prepares students to be more than echoes lost to the ether of white noise; it prepares them to be powerful voices that will craft the narratives that shape our culture, define our times, and enrich our human condition. The central goal of LCAD’s BFA program in Creative Writing is to guide student writers in the refinement of their unique voices so that they may transcend the echoes in whichever forms, genres, or tones they choose.

LCAD Creative Writing: Your voice, defined and amplified.

More information about LCAD Creative Writing BFA Faculty, Guests, Etc.


1. Application

Complete and submit an LCAD Application.

2. Transcript

Submit an official final high school transcript.

3. Writing Samples

Send five to ten pages of fiction or non-fiction and three to five pages of poetry.

4. Writing Prompt(s)

No standard boilerplate submissions. You want to earn a degree in Creative Writing? Then tease us with your creative potential. Pick a prompt below and give us 500 words. Write something you enjoy. Make us laugh or move us to tears. Or both. We’ll even accept two submissions of 500-words, if you’re so inspired. But no more than two. And whatever you do, don’t send us that generic letter. You know the one.

A) If flavors of ice cream were metaphors for life hacks or moral codes, list five ice creams and explain the corresponding wisdom conveyed by each, including the logical correlation to the ingredients and flavors.

B) Create a dialogue between two people in which one person unwittingly makes a grieving person laugh.

C) Write a description of your version of a particular place, e.g. “My Chicago” or “My Dive Bar” or “My Confessional.”

D) Write an ironic holiday letter about your family’s most recent year.

E) Make your reader scared of a duckling.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but priority will be given to applications submitted before April 30th.

Deadline for scholarship consideration is April 30th.


The Application, transcript, résumé, letters of recommendation, writing samples, letter of intent and test scores (International Applicants) should be sent to:

     Laguna College of Art + Design
     Attn: Office of Admissions
     2222 Laguna Canyon Road
     Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Your writing samples and letter of intent may be sent by mail on a CD or electronically by email to:

Please, be sure to clearly label all application materials.


For more information about LCAD’s BFA program in Creative Writing, please contact, Norm Leonard, Chair of BFA program in Creative Writing at


For cost of attendance and financial aid resources please visit: PAYING FOR TUITION.